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 Game Communication

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PostSubject: Game Communication   Thu Sep 25, 2008 11:10 am

Player to Player Interaction

You can send messages by pressing the enter key, which will bring up the chat box. Chatting this way sends a public message that can be read by all.

MU provides a function allowing you to chat with other users. To chat, press Enter on your keyboard to initiate the chat option and after typing your message, press Enter again. The Chatting window is used as a tool for conversations, but it also works as a console for special functions like moving or trading. Upon pressing the Enter key, the Chat window will appear at the bottom of the screen. Messages will appear within a bubble and people within your vicinity will be able to read them.

People close to you can hear general conversations, but by use of the Whisper function, you will be able to have conversations with people who are outside the vicinity of the normal chat function. Whispering is a player-to-player conversation and other players will be unable to eavesdrop. When a highlighted ear-shaped icon appears, this indicates that the Whisper function is currently active. With the simple click of your mouse, you can activate or deactivate this function. Whispering is possible with a maximum of 5 players.

MU has a function that allows characters to respond to particular conversations by showing animation relevant to the conversations. Characters in MU not only speak, but can also perform a wide variety of motions to help players fully immerse themselves with their characters. The emoticons available in MU are also gender-specific. For example, a Fairy, a female character will perform animated gestures and motions visually distinct and different from male characters, like the Dark Knight and Dark Sorcerer. At present, 22 emoticons are available, a number upon which more will be increased steadily in the future.

Emotion ListHaHa HeHe HoHo ^^ ^_^ ^.^ Laugh
Respect Defeated Kneel
Sorry ^^; ; Scratches Head
Cry Sad Cry, Sob
Rush Go go Charge Forward
Bye Goodbye Wave
Come Beckon
Good Nice Wow Clap
Hello Welcome Thanks Hi Bow
Huh "-_-" "-.-" Cross Arms
Great beat it Raise Arms
Cold Hurts Rub Arms
don't Never Not "No"
OK Again Pump Arms
Sir Salute
That There Points
Victory Win Victory
Pooh Hands on Waist
Tired Sleepy Sleepy
Come On comeon Challenges Player
Hustle hustle Pelvic Trust

Group Communication

Party Chatting: ~(message)
You can send private communications to your party also known as the party chat by putting a tilde (~) before your message on the chat window. Party chat will appear colored blue on your chat box.

Guild Chatting: @(message)
You can send private communications to your guild by putting an "@" before the message you send. Guild messages will appear in green and can only be read and sent by members of your guild.

Group Communication: @@(message)
You can send a message to your allied guilds by putting an “@@” before your message. This message will appear in bright yellow font.

Mussenger is a chatting system that allows you to chat with different players at the same time and keep a friend list that shows you the online/offline status of each friend.
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Game Communication
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