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July 2018
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Walking is the most basic mode of exploring the MU Continent. In town areas walking is the only means of transport allowed. Walking is achieved by pointing the location you'd like to move to and then clicking the left mouse button.


If your character has acquired shoes that have a base + of 5 or more, he/she will be able to run. If you click a point far away from a character's starting point, he/she will begin to run to that point. Running allows a character to move at twice the speed of walking.

Leaning and Sitting

Players can interact with the environment such as leaning on walls or sitting on chairs. However, these are not merely for show, but actually restore the physical strength of the characters.

Note: Another way of restoring health quickly is to use health potions or to have items with health recovery equipped.

Leaning and sitting is available only at certain areas and at the towns. The visible look of the mouse cursor changes where special motions are possible, such as protruded walls or chairs.


In the land of MU, one unique method of transportation is to mount a creature called "Unicorn" by acquiring and equipping a horn of Unicorn. One can travel at a speed faster than running with the Unicorn equipped.
You can acquire a Unicorn's horn through hunting or through purchase from other adventurers.

Once a character's level is over 50, warping between areas becomes possible. While you can move from point to point by walking or with the use of a mount, traveling by these methods is often tedious and time consuming. Therefore, adventurers who have attained a level over 50 can take advantage of traveling by warping. The use of this movement command is quite simple. However, each area has certain level limits dictated by your preferred choice of either walking or by application of the warp movement command and warping to different areas cost a certain amount of zen.
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