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July 2018
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 Accessories Guide

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PostSubject: Accessories Guide   Tue Sep 23, 2008 3:31 pm


The Uses

( To consume/use an item, right click on the item )

Apple --> Restore 1% of Health Points.

( Using/Consuming two Healing Potions or Mana Potions at the same time, may restore your Health/Mana Faster. Including Apple. )

Antidote --> Cure Poisoned Player ( Suitable for high vitality player )

Small Healing Potion --> Restore 10% of Health Points.

Small Mana Potion --> Restore 10% of Mana Points.

Healing Potion ( Medium ) --> Restore 25% of Health Points.

Mana Potion ( Medium ) --> Restore 25% of Mana Points.

Large Healing Potion --> Restore 40% of Health Points.

Large Mana Potion --> Restore 40% of Health Points.

SD Potion --> Restore SD

Complex Potion --> Restore AG

Town Portal --> Return back Map's Town ( Safe Zone )

Alcohol ( Ale ) --> Increase 20 Attacking Speed ( Durability: 60 Seconds / 1 Minute )

Remedy of Love --> Additional Damages by Elf's Aura ( Buff )

Olive of Love --> Increase Damages ( Not in Game yet )

Archer --> To build an Archery ( Only can be uses in Castle Siege )

Spearman --> To build a Spearman ( Only can be uses in Castle Siege )

Arrow --> For Elf, who equips Bow ( Stock: 255 )

Bolt --> For Elf, who equips Crossbow ( Stock: 255 )

Arrow + 7 --> Arrow with higher damages ( Stock: 255 )

Bolt + 17 --> Bolt with higher damages ( Stock: 255 )

Arrow + 11(VIP) --> Arrow with highest damages ( Stock: 255 )

Bolt + 11(VIP) --> Bolt with highest damages ( Stock: 255 )

Cloak of Invisibility(All kinds) --> Used when entering Blood Castle

Armor of Guardman --> Used when entering Chaos Castle

Lost Map(All kinds) --> Warp to Kalima when drop it

MoonStone Ring --> Used when entering Kantru Event

Invitation to Devil Square(All kinds) --> Used when entering Devil Square

Splinter of Armor --> Used to create Piece of Horn

Bless of Guardian --> Used to create Piece of Horn

Pendant of Fire --> Increase Fire Resistance

Pendant of Lightning --> Increase Lightning Resistance

Pendant of Ice --> Increase Ice Resistance

Pendant of Water --> Increase Water Resistance

Pendant of Wind --> Increase Wind Resistance

Pendant of Ability --> Increase Stamine ( Only with Option )

Ring of Posion --> Increase Poison Resistance

Ring of Ice --> Increase Ice Resistance

Ring of Fire --> Increase Fire Resistance

Ring of Earth --> Increase Earth Resistance

Ring of Wind --> Increase Wind Resistance

Ring of Magic --> Increase Mana ( Only with Option )

Ring of Warrior --> Drop for Random Item ( Can be only used when your level reach 40 and above or 80 and above )

Scroll ( All Kinds ) --> For Wizard / Gladiator to learn new spell ( Each Scroll = Each Spell )
( Magic Gladiator may not able to learn some spell, which specialist for Dark Wizard and Soul Master ) Right Click the scroll to learn it

Dark Lord Scroll ( All Kinds ) --> For Dark Lord to learn new spell ( Each Scroll = Each Spell ) Right Click to Learn Spells

Orb ( All Kinds ) --> For Knight or Fairy or Gladiator to learn new skill / spell ( Each Orb = Each Skill / Spell )
( Magic Gladiator may not able to use some orb, which specialist for Dark Knight and Blade Knight. Fairy Elf's Orb can be only used by Fairy )

Jewel of Chaos --> Used for Chao's Mix ( For Chaos Machine and Trainer )

Jewel of Bless --> To increase one level to an item. Only can be used for item's level one to six. ( 100% Success Rate ) also adds an extra 5% sucess rate to items when combined in the chaos maachine, depending on the combination

Jewel of Soul --> To increase one level to an item. Only can be used for item's level seven to nine. ( 50% Success Rate. 75% Success Rate to an item consists of Luck's Option )also adds an extra 2% sucess rate in the chaos machine depending on the combination

Jewel of Life --> To increase one stage of option to an item. Can be used to any equipment. ( 50% Success Rate. Luck's Option will not do any effect )

Jewel of Creation --> To creates Fruit. Can be used to creates Dark Raven or Dark Horse too.

Jewel of Guardian --> For Castle Siege Use. Can be used for Lord's Mix or Create Life Stone for the Castle Gates or Guardian Statues. ( Located in Dragon Tower )

Jewel of Harmony --> To add in one Harmony's Option into level 380 equipment.

Fruit ( All Kinds ) --> To increase state points or decrease state points. ( Increase one to three state points. Decrease three to seven state points. )

Wings ( All Kinds ) --> To increase damages, absorb damages and increase moving speed. ( Minimum Level: 180 )

Mount --> Unicorn ( Uniria ): Increase Defences Rate and moving speed | Guardian Angel: Absorb 20% of Damages | Satan ( Imp ): Increase 30% of Damages, Decrease three health points per hit.
Dinolant ( Combine of 10 Unicorns ): Increase Defences Rate, Moving Speed, Increase 15% of Damages and Absorb 10% of Damages. New exclusive skill exists for Knight, and able all type of Character to enter Icarus without Wings.

Horn of Doom ( Fenrir ) --> A Special Pet which has an Exclusive's Skill call Plasma Storm. The Skill can be used during the Castle Siege's Event. It can used to damages opponent's same team. But during the PvP ( Player Vs Player ), you will not damages other characters except the target. Fenrir can be equipped by any characters. ( Level Requirement: 300 )
Upgraded Horn of Doom ( Fenrir ) --> Fenrir of Destruction ( Dark in Colour ): Increases 10% of final damage | Fenrir of Protection ( Sky Blue in Colour ): Absorbs 10% of opponent's damage. Horn of doom can oso damage player set. its the main reason why everyone use fenrir for pking with the skill , because its rock can damage other people set/wing/weapon/rings
For more information, please click here

Dark Lord's Pets --> Dark Horse: Increases Defensive Skill which depends on the level of the horse, increase Moving Speed and increases Attacking Range by 2. It has an Exclusive's Skill call Earthquake. The Skill can be used to damage your Surrounding's Creatures. It can fade your opponents away too. | Dark Raven: It can be used to Attacks the target together with Dark Lord. It has 4 Commands, which is Basic Actions, Surrounding Attacks, Attacks with Owner and Attacks Target. The higher level the Raven has, the higher the damage and the damages rate it will have.
To equips Dark Raven, you will need to have an empty Shield's Slot.
Replace the Dark Raven into your Shield's Slot to be equipped.
( The first skill of Dark Raven, Basic Actions, are ONLY commands the Raven to follow. But the Raven can obtains Experiences to level up too. )

Guide taken from the Official Global MuOnline Forums.
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Accessories Guide
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