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July 2018
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 Vault and Shop, CM buggy

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PostSubject: Vault and Shop, CM buggy   Tue Sep 23, 2008 2:22 am

I know you guys are working on fixing it up....this is not to complain just to inform on some things that are going on.

I was making lvl2 SM wings....and the CM got buggy and wouldn't let me put the wings in my Inventory after made....has done that bout 5 times now

Vault won't give me my items at times....just sticks to the vault and Bigred Tested this....He has 6 spots in his inventory that won't allow items and i have 13-16 spots that won't take any items....and they are random so i can only hold about 3 pieces of gear.

I just got those awesome candy boxes and dropped a +13 Albratross bow and +13 SD and they just poofed into thin a matter of a second...before I could grasp them lol...I was standing in devias makes box of heaven does same thing...half items will vanish once hit ground.

At random the shops I can't buy some items but can buy others. random times....even when the server is about to DC...I can't pick items up using ALT CMD or missed out on picking up some jewels and exc drops and etc items.

I'm sure you know about all this..but figured I would let ya know some more...more current lol
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Vault and Shop, CM buggy
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